President’s Report – Sukhi Parivaar’s AGM 2017

Sukhi Parivaar President’s Report GA 2017

Pr. Soodursun Jugessur

Introduction: A hearty welcome to all present. A special welcome to all new members.

The Sukhi Parivaar stresses the need to bring back family values and impact on social values that are fast eroding. It also educates the people on the effects of economy-centered material development that marginalizes social development based on human values. It is re-engineering the family as the nursery for proper value-based education that can foster such development.

While for the past years the program had seen the financial contribution of government, the European Union DCP project funding and the Mauritius Telecommunications Foundation, such funding was not available during 2016. The project funded by the Ministry of Family affairs, Child development and Gender issues was completed. The Telecommunication support was for raising awareness of youth and civil society on values to check the spread of violence, and this also came to end. We carried on with our savings by organising workshops and seminars on awareness raising on the need to strengthen family values.

The Executive Committee: The members of the Executive committee for 2016-17 have been:

  1. Soodursun Jugessur, President
  2. Swarupananand Kinnoo, Vice-President
  3. Sultana Kootbally, vice-President
  4. Vimi Dookhun, Secretary
  5. Ravi Bholah, Asst. Secretary
  6. Philip Tse Rai Wai, Treasurer
  7. Parmanand Bhoodhoo, Asst. Treasurer
  8. Shyam Hurbungs, Program Coordinator
  9. Biswas Gopee, Project Officer
  10. Asrani Gopaul, PRO
  11. S.Cyparsade, Member
  12. Vivek Jeeneeah, Member


  1. Ashesh Ramjeawon, Webmaster.
  2. Moy Chin Li Tim Cheong, Auditor


Most Executive Member attended the Executive Committee meetings held at the UoM Cafeteria, and at the residence of the President when necessary. Besides the Executive Committee, we have also had meetings of the Project Monitoring Committee to ensure proper and timely execution of the Award Ceremony for the National Competitions on ‘Family values Education to protect our Youth from drugs and other social evils’.

Mr. Shyam Hurbungs, Mr Anand Kinnoo and the President had a series of meetings to prepare a project document on ‘Responsible Parenthood for Environmental Sustainability through basic life-skills for youths and adults.’ for the EU- DCP funding that was submitted in time. So far no decision has been taken on the funding in view of restructuring within the Corporate Social Responsibility program by the government.

Activities: Sukhi Parivaar annual essay competition was organized for the month of November 2016, and this activity mobilized most of the executive members. Special meetings were organized to plan the function of the award ceremony at the Municipal Town Hall of Quatre Bornes. I must congratulate the Jury including Mr. Ravhi Bholah, Dr. Vimi Dookhun, Mr. Shyam Hurbungs and Mr. Asrani Gopaul for their hard work and timely evaluation of the scripts.

For the occasion of the ceremony on 19th November 2016, Mr. Armoogum Parsooramen, GOSK, Founder Chairman of the Global Rainbow Foundation and Social worker, was the Chief Guest, in the distinguished presence of the representative of the Mayor of the City Council and the past Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Raouf Bundhun. The function was well attended and televised by the MBC.

From August to December 2016, for the Awareness Creation seminars and workshops, the Program Coordinator Mr. Hurbungs, the Project Officer Mr. Gopee and Resource Person Mrs. Kootbally, Mr. Philip, and occasionally the President, conducted over thirty sessions on Family Values with youth, women and general public in 25 localities including colleges, in different parts of Mauritius. This included a session with youths from South Africa and Uganda at in International Seminar on Youth.

Sessions generally highlighted the global and local problems being faced in countries, societies, families and by individuals. Training sessions focused on universal values to be inculcated within families. The concept of Sukhi Parivaar was always introduced with human and family values in focus. The responsibilities of parents, communities, religious bodies and schools were brought out to educate the participants and responsible authorities.

The feedback from the participants has been positive. A pamphlet and two DVD’s on sketches on values in Creole and Hindi that had been produced wrere constantly used as a support medium during training sessions. The NGO participated in an exhibition organized by the EU-DCP in Caudan, Port Louis on 20th October 3016. I am grateful to the members who sacrificed their time to supervise the stand at the exhibition, namely Mr. Hurbungs, Mrs. Kootbally, Mr. Gopee, Mr. Kinnoo, and Dr. Bholah who gave a help in mounting the exhibition.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day and on 5th July 2016 Mr. Hurbungs intervened on the MBC. The President gave a long interview on MBC TV on the problem of eroding values in the population and the increasing drug and crime rates. More publicity is necessary through the local media.

The webmaster Mr. Ashesh Ramjeeawon has kept the website updated and extended its outreach through Facebook. Members should view the inputs and add to them to enhance its international appeal. The local activities can serve as examples to NGO’s and social workers overseas where the problems of weakening family ties and increasing social violence are rampant.


In spite of the restricted funding available the program is continuing. We need more committed volunteer social workers to organize programs across the island, with nominal stipend from the organization. The Sukhi Parivaar program is being very well received all around, and the series of activities conducted during the years have contributed to creating increased awareness of the role of the family in promoting values within the society. The MBC has been very corporative and we have had frequent interventions on Radio Maurice and a few appearances on the TV. I must highlight the very valuable work done by the Project Coordinator, Mr Shyam Hurbungs and the contribution of the Project Officer Mr. B. Gopee. Also the competitions would not have been successful without the voluntary contributions of the members of the jury. Mr. Philip Tse Rai Wai, Treasurer, kept the accounts of the organization in line with government requirements.

The success of such a program lies on the commitment of members. Finally, it is up to each and every one of us now to keep the flame alive! We are all responsible, directly and indirectly, for what is happening in society, and have to contribute our mite in making a better world.

Thank you for your attention.