AGM 2017


The Happy Family


Members of Sukhi Parivaar are hereby informed that the

Annual General Meeting of Sukhi Parivaar will be held on

Saturday 18th March 2017

from 14.00 hrs – 15 30 hrs

at the Maansarovar

c/o Prof S. Jugessur, 198, Ave. SSR, Quatre Bornes.


  1. Reading and Approval of Minutes of last AGM
  2. Matters arising
  3.   President’s Report
  4.  Treasurer’s Report
  5. Approval of Estimates of Expenditure 2017
  6.   Nomination of Auditors
  7. Constitution of New Board for year 2017
  8. A.O.B

In case no quorum is obtained on the 18th March 2017, the AGM

will be postponed to 25 March 2017 at same venue, at same time,

with same agenda.

Date: 21st February 2017                                                      Secretary: V Dookhun