Why Sukhi Parivaar?

All around us we see violence increasing, family bonds dismantling, and we consider why. We often lay the blame on the government or on our socio-religious and educational institutions, but rarely do we ask ourselves: Where did WE go wrong?

We need to control the spread of violence, suicides, social evils like drug and alcohol addiction, and build mutual trust and solidarity with peace and harmony in the society. SUKHI PARIVAAR, or the Happy Family program has as its main objective to make family members, both the parents and the children, assume their own critical responsibility in their homes by devoting half and hour daily if possible to communication and dialogue. We must realise that the family responsibilities come first and our work second. For our work suffers when there is disharmony in the family. And the money we have in our pockets and the material benefits are less important than the love, trust and understanding we develop and share in the family.